Sakato Coldstar Chiller 700L SC-D2-950


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The Sakato Coldstar Chiller SC-D2-950 is a large-capacity commercial refrigeration unit designed to provide efficient cooling for businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and food service establishments. Here are some key features of this chiller:

  1. High Capacity: With a spacious interior capacity of 700 liters, the SC-D2-950 offers ample storage space for a wide range of perishable items, including beverages, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods.

  2. Double Door Design: The chiller features a double door design, providing easy access to the stored items while minimizing the escape of cold air, ensuring energy efficiency.

  3. Adjustable Shelves: The interior of the chiller typically includes adjustable shelves made of durable materials such as wire or stainless steel, allowing for customizable storage configurations to accommodate items of various sizes and shapes.

  4. Temperature Control: The chiller is equipped with a precise temperature control system, allowing users to set and maintain the desired temperature range for optimal food preservation and freshness.

  5. Digital Temperature Display: Some models may feature a digital temperature display panel that provides real-time temperature readings, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustment of settings.

  6. Energy Efficiency: The Sakato SC-D2-950 is designed to be energy efficient, with features such as high-density insulation and energy-saving compressors, helping to reduce electricity costs while maintaining consistent cooling performance.

  7. Interior Lighting: The chiller may include interior LED lighting that illuminates the contents, making it easy to locate items and enhancing product visibility for customers.

  8. Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials and components, the Sakato Coldstar Chiller SC-D2-950 is built to withstand the demands of commercial use, ensuring durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance.

Overall, the Sakato Coldstar Chiller SC-D2-950 offers reliable cooling performance, spacious storage capacity, and energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for businesses that require a dependable refrigeration solution for storing and displaying perishable goods


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